Wedding Guestbook

After hours and hours i’ve finally finished this wedding guestbook. After i’ve adopted two chinchillas i got less time on my paper craft. They were in poor condition and i was so worry about their health and have been spending a lot of time on them. Back to the topic, it was my first attempt to make a wedding guestbook. It was requested by a lovely customer Eve. She is going to get married end of this year after a long run relationship with her boyfriend. She actually brought up a very good view about guestbook.  If the guestbook is only full with signatures it is hard to tell who has sign on it who has not.  She hopes that her guests will write down their wedding wishes on it instead of signature only. So i searched on diy guestbook and found some good ideas. One of them is mini envelopes. It looks elegant, simple and nice on guestbook so i did it.  I do leave some spaces for signatures too. I hope that this album will keep all her wedding wishes for decades and make a sweet memories for them.

Congratulations to Bryan and Eve!

DSC_7451 DSC_7452 DSC_7466 DSC_7475 DSC_7495 DSC_7564 DSC_7568 DSC_7580 DSC_7594

Mother’s Day Card + Mail Art

This month swap is mother’s day card plus mail art. What is mail art? According to wikipedia, mail art is  also known as postal art and correspondence art. It is a populist artistic movement centered around sending small scale works through the postal service. After finished the card, i did some stamping on my dull envelope to make it looks more interesting. Forgot to take a picture on the back of envelope…

DSC_2129-2DSC_2130DSC_2128 DSC_2123 DSC_2120

Handmade Birthday Card

Last week was a good time for me to make cards. Free time + good mood = Cards + Album! Here are 2 of my birthday cards.



1) American Craft Cardstock

2) Hero arts Woodgrain Stamp

3) My Mind’s Eye Clear Stamp-Howdy Doody “Baby” Stamps

4) Lawn Fawn Clear Stamp-Sophie’s Sentiments

5) Memory Box Tessatina Border Dies

6) Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch




1) Memory Box Piestra Tile Dies

2) Lawn Fawn Clear Stamp-Sophie’s Sentiments

3) Sizzix Tattered Floral Dies

4) Distress Ink- Aged Mahogany, Barn Door, Rusty Hinge, Mustard Seed)


Decorative Wooden Boxes

Couple months ago i bought few blank wooden boxes and left them aside since then. One day finally i got the mood to give them a make over. Im so proud of myself when i look at the final outcome, lol! Just love love love them! There is still one box in under process.

DSC_1685 DSC_1690 DSC_1684 DSC_1671 DSC_1669 DSC_1668 DSC_1693




Original look


Decoration starts!

Tags Swap

Hi you all! How are you? I was kinda busy until i forgot to blog lately, lol. Here are the tags i did for “tags swap” last month,hosted by Craftmate in the “Scrapbooking and Cardmaking Malaysia” group. There is no special theme and no size limits, simply playing aroud with papercraft technique. How cool is that? You just do whatever styles you like, send it to your partners and wait for another tag from your partners! Here i’ve used the distress ink technique, tattered angels glimmer mist, and heat embossing. For the red tone tag, i used distress ink, for the green-tone tag i used glimmer mist. The effect looks similar in the photos but the glimmer mist one does give a shimmering look in real life. That is the part where it “outshines” the distress ink tag. As for the ribbon i used distress stain to get the coordinated colour with the tag.

DSC_1600 DSC_1604 DSC_1602  DSC_1595DSC_1650


1) Heat embossing-ranger superfine embossing powder

2) Distress Ink (Mustard seed, festive berries,aged mahogany, rusty hinge)-Apply ink with sponge.

3) Spray some water with mini mister to get water splotches effect.


1) Heat embossing with ranger superfine clear embossing powder

2) Spraying with tattered angels glimmer mist (Tattered leather, blarney, turquoise blue, monster mash)-from left to right


3) Distress stain on ribbon (forest moss and stormy sky)


I spray my glimmer mist on the ranger non-stick craft sheet, there are some left-over mist and i dont feel like wasting them! I die-cutted some flowers, spray some water on the glimmer mist, then let the paper flower pick up the colour. Someday i might need the blue flowers, who knows!

DIY Wooden Clothes Pegs Candle Holder


Hello!  It’s been a while since my last post. I was in the festive mood for the past month. Chinese new year had just passed and now it is time for me to get back to my blog.

Today i made a candle holder with some wooden clothes pegs. It is so easy to do. All you need is a metal jar cap, some wooden clothes pegs, hot glue, hemp ropes and some paper flowers. Let’s get started!

First you have to prep the cap. As you can see all metal jar cap has some protruding edges which will lead to uneven arrangement of pegs. To avoid it from happening, simply use a flat-nosed plier to flatten the edges. Once it is done, click the pegs side by side to each other, you can also use hot glue to secure the pegs in positions. After that, wrap some hemp rope in around the pegs several times until you get the width you like.  After the holder is finished, i decorated it with some paper flowers i made before. Click HERE for the paper flower tutorial. You can subsitute it with anything else you like, such as dry flowers, pinecones,pearls and etc. Hope you enjoy my sharing! Have fun!

20130225_181511 20130225_18193120130225_182933


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就在付钱的时候,韩国老板可能是看不过眼我这软塌塌的头发吧,就说我应该烫一烫头发,因为我的头发实在是太细太塌了。很奇怪的我就附和起他来了,点了点头说‘对,头发太塌了,可是你都没时间。’韩国老板看了看我,看了看他, 我们三人就在那里讨论了起来“这个时间不行,那个时间也不行。。。” 沟通方面是说英文,韩国老板能说些简单的英文,虽然有时不是很明白他在说什么,呵呵,不过谈头发的事还是没问题的。老板一下拿出了手机看了看他的时间表, 跟我说“白天的话你可以吗?”我说 “可以啊,就明天吧。” “Tomorrow 9 o’clock, you can?” “Sure, no problem.”就这样我们敲好了时间。

昨天早上九点我就出现在理发店了。平常老板10点钟才开店的,算是提早开店了。这是韩国老板自己的店,除了一个工人帮他洗洗头,扫地和做些琐碎的事之外,其他东西都是他自己一手包办,这也是我喜欢这间店的原因,起码不会落成学徒的白老鼠。洗了头,修了发尾,就开始烫发了。韩国人很客气的,一开始稍微聊了聊天,老板问我吃了早餐没,我说我没吃,通常都是吃午餐和晚餐。他说这是因为我年轻,以前他年轻的时候也不吃早餐,现在来到马来西亚却要吃了,不吃的话工作太忙没时间吃。一到10点钟,店里就开始陆陆续续有顾客上门,他生意可好了。中间还来了几个客人,都被推掉了说今天满了,请他们再发简讯约时间。电话也响了好几次,我心想“好多人要弄头发啊。” 就这样,洗头,剪发,放药水,一边等他剪其他人的头发一边等我的烫发步骤,漫长的时间让我好无聊。到了上热圈是最难过的时间,之前听说有人做这个数码烫给烫到头皮,我其实也是很担心的。上了卷子之后我的头感觉好重,姑且不理难看的“师奶样”,我一直在算,过了多长时间,一看,什么,才五分钟!这时我整个头也越来越热,我一直在想 “这么热是正常的吗?不是放了很厚的垫子垫在热卷子的下面了吗,怎么还是感觉那么热?我头动也不能动,只能呆呆的望着前方发呆。不知道过了多久,热度消失了,发卷慢慢变凉了,可是我的脖子好酸呐!看来老板还在剪旁边一位男顾客的头。其实这个过程应该不是很久,估计是半小时吧,送走了那位男顾客之后老板终于可以帮我拆掉这些很重的卷子了。头发一放下来,哇,吓死人了,我的头发看起来就像是电话线,小小的一卷一卷,看起来好好笑,老板自己也在偷笑,然后他告诉我说别担心,等下弄好没有这么卷的。老实说我是很喜欢那个小电话卷,可是我的头发长度应该不适合那个卷度,看起来太像黑人的发型的, 可能哪天我头发长了我会考虑试试看烫个电话卷,哈哈!

这时大概已经12点半了,又有2位女顾客要来烫卷发,之后又来了一个也要烫发的,大家都要弄美美过年。我真庆幸在这么短时间内我还约到了时间,虽然是糊里糊涂的就来了,可是看在那么多人要来烫发我想他应该烫的不错吧。老板问我说饿了没,其实我肚子是真的有点饿了,他说大概还要一小时,我说好的,没关系。老板问我说“ Nasi lemak, you like nasi lemak?” 啊哈,然后他就叫他的工人去买nasi lemak给我和另一位正在然头发的顾客。其实也挺不好意思的,打开饭盒里面有一只炸鸡腿,一粒煎蛋和很多的包菜,满满的一盒nasi lemak!吃完了老板马上递上纸巾,还给我一罐唯他精,服务实在是太好了!就说嘛,韩国人真有礼貌。

最后终于都弄好了,出来的效果和中间的小卷是完全不同的,大概就是半头的大卷,老板看了自己说,“em, very nice, beautiful” 他真可爱啊,看他一脸的满足感。其实看起来是挺不错的,我自己也很喜欢,但是后续保养我就不知道我能给它维持多久了。今天还不能洗头,要等明天。我后来才知道原来烫好头发后是短期之内最好是不要绑头发,偏偏昨天是个很炎热的下午,我一回到家就把头发扎起来去冲凉了,希望不会影响我的卷度吧!新发型,新形象,迎接新的一年,2013,我来了!

Love Story Mini Album

Hello you all! How are you? Hope you have a wonderful day.

Today i want to show you one of my album which i created for my customer. She wish to record some sweet memories of her daily life and trip to shanghai with her love one. So here is it, the final product! I love this album with the “photo frame” cover where you can insert your picture. To maximize the writing space in the album i’ve made more journaling tags. Hope she will like it and turn this album to a meaningful item in her life.








1) 7 Gypsies Vintage Frame Cover

2) 7 Gypsies Antiquarian Journal Pages

3) Memory Box Museum Tag

4) Memory Box Typewriter Upper Alphabet Set

5) Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch

6) Technique Tuesday Life in Pictures by Ali Edwards

7) Technique Tuesday Loving Words by Ali Edwards

8) Technique Tuesday Just My Type

9) KaiserCraft Tigerlilly

10) Ranger Inkssentials #5 Size Manila Tag

11) Ranger Inkssentials Glossy Accent